Allen & Heath dLive

Go to Surface and drag and drop one of your inputs, FX, monitor, DCA, etc. to a slot. There are six layers of banks within a bank.1

Go to Processing after selecting a channel. Preamp has polarity, phantom power, preamp gain, etc. There’s sidechain options for gates and compressors.1

Go to FX and select front panel to adjust parameters. (There’s a de-esser.) In the back panel, you can select the effect as an insert or as mix-return.1

Go to Routing to dial in the send to different auxes, monitors, IEMs, etc.1

Go to Ganging to group tracks.1

Go to Scenes to store and recall scenes. Make sure to press recall, don’t just select it.1

Press PAFL to listen to any channel in the headphones.2 Headphones input are located under the armrest. Go to Surface / Audio / PAFL to change PAFL settings.

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