Attraction, not promotion

This language comes from the Twelve Steps.

Everyone finds different people, places, and things attractive. There’s something and someone for everyone. By being your authentic, best self, you can attract those who want what you’re offering. Rick Rubin says the reason one has had the success they’ve had is because they’ve been true to themself. So don’t try to conform to something else.1 People become true fans because of the artist, not just their art.2

To be true to yourself, Find your voice in obscurity and solitude. Be weird, because Weird is wonderful.

Austin Kleon says simply showing your work is an alternative to self-promotion. Imagine your boss didn’t have to read your résumé because they already read your blog.3 Share what you love, and those who love the same things will find you.4 I think of the story of Michaelsoft Binbows and Alf’s Room—YouTuber Nick Robinson, who makes videos about lost media, found out more about the history of this famed meme thanks to this blogger and their mutual love for ephemera.5 A blog post is a search query to find your people.6

!If you write what you yourself sincerely think

You can use the internet not so much as a self-promotion tool but as a self-invention tool.7 In this way, sharing is an act of creativity, and Creativity is a pathway to self-discovery.

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