Setting up PreSonus FaderPort for Reaper

Reaper supposedly has native support for FaderPort, but it doesn’t seem to work.1

Logic mode (hold Next while powering on and then press Mute) seems to be the most stable.2

Control Surface Integrator works fairly well on X-Touch One mode. I do miss having the previous and next buttons though.3

I can also use midi information from it to control actions.4

To control an FX parameter without midi:

  • Create a new channel
  • Insert a test tone with JS Tone Generator
  • Remove the output from the master send (hold opt+click the routing button)
  • Route the channel to the plugin
  • Select the parameter, choose parameter modulation, then audio signal control and select the sidechain you’ve routed the signal to5

This is especially useful for automation.

DrivenByMoss4Reaper may also work with my FP2.6 7

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