How to deal with discouragement

Keep what I like to call a Rainy day file. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you about your work?1 Austin Kleon calls this a praise file. Open it up when you need encouragement.2 Take compliments well, and don’t be the kind of jerk that stomps all over someone’s gift.3

If you’re feeling concerned your work is not unique enough, keep pushing past your first idea to find your own unique voice.4 And remember: Some writers confuse authenticity … with originality —W. H. Auden, but being unique and authentic doesn’t mean having to create something “original,” whatever that means.

If you’re worried no one cares about your art enough, keep caring about more art.

!You can’t not give it everything

If it’s critical words you’re dealing with, try one of the following:

If you’re worried you’re not having success quick enough, remember The hazards of quick success.

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