How to recover from writer’s block

Reframe it as a writer’s hurdle, not a block. You’ve just got to get enough momentum to scale it. I think I heard this on Creative Pep Talk.

Oftentimes, Starting is the hardest part.

Many creative blocks can be reframed as performance anxiety.1 Accept that Fear is a part of the creative process. You may also Overcome writer’s block by focusing on mental health. If it’s internalized messages of doubt that are the cause of your block, see How to deal with discouragement.

Use your better judgment. Make what you like.

Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. Edit your art later, but Don’t overcook it. Just put stuff down and Be willing to write a bad song. Mary Gauthier says she writes what she “sees” quickly, like the song is a wild animal. Coming to the song with scrutiny will scare it away.2 Don’t coddle your song either. Both scrutiny and coddling are an anxiety that it won’t be good without exerting your control. Begin again.

Take a break from media.

Try 21.03 Songwriting Exercises 🏋️.

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