Share your work in progress

Make it easy to share stuff. Even if nothing is finished yet, share snippets.1 The old way was to hide one’s process. The new way is to show as you go. People appreciate art more when they see behind the scenes. This can be WIPs, studio pics, inspirations, influences, etc.2 “Become a documentarian of what you do,” says Austin Kleon. Take pictures, write, record videos to share about your process.3

!They want to see what you have made

Ze Frank says he’s more interested in what job candidates are working on right now, as opposed to their portfolio.4

It may scare the ego to pull back the curtain, but Creative flow leads to ego death. In this way, sharing is not so much about what your ego gets out of it, but rather Sharing is an act of generosity.

Not only can sharing get your work in front of others, but Sharing can inform your work.

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